A collection of galleries that represent where my heart is – family, people, travel, food and creating images.

Postcards from Cambodia
A selection of stills taken from a recent filming trip to Cambodia for [View Project]
Sri Lanka
Our visit to this beautiful country just weeks after the end of a 30 year civil war was an education in many ways. As well as learning about clean energy and gold standard carbon offsets we were treated to a grand tour of the cradle of Buddhism. [View Project]
The Hull Freedom Trail
Working alongside Claudio von Planta (who recently shot the Long Way Down with Ewen McGregor and Charley Boorman) this 3 week "road movie" was an experience of a lifetime. 24 people in 6 vehicles covering 5000 miles and 12 countries in 3 weeks The cars were donated to NGO's in Sierra Leone to help repatriate families shattered by the recent civil war. For more information visit [View Project]
A week long trip on behalf of The Co-operative and Uganda Learn 4 Life took us into the heart of rural Uganda, the site of the killing fields of the civil war in the early 1980's. We saw how a community was rebuilding by way of a Co-operative Society, schools and an orphanage...oh and a day off to partake in a game-drive up to Murchinson Falls. [View Project]
Siyoli is currently ranked No2 in the South African squash team and is climbing the world rankings. [View Project]
Love Local
Who described Britain as a nation of shopkeepers? Love Local is an initiative to stimulate business on a bustling, diverse avenue, you can buy anything on Newland Avenue!The challenge - one hour to come up with four shots including a portrait of the "face of the place".No time for complex lighting, no time to plan, it's think on your feet and make something of what you see when you walk through the door. Visit [View Project]
Forest School
Creative learning...and here's the clever bit... they think they're just having fun. [View Project]
Lovin' Summer
No roof, no doors, just loads of fun, this is what summer evenings are for, thanks John. [View Project]
A few images from Malindi on the Kenyan coast. Staying in a reed hut with no windows or doors, and water for the shower arrived by donkey. Amazing. [View Project]
Ngong HIV/AIDS project
This project is run by a school teacher in her "spare time". She helps care for and advise people living with HIV and AIDS in her local community. We spent a day with her in the slum in Ngong town, she emerged in her white dress looking radiant. A friend remarked that the dirt wouldn't dare stick to her. [View Project]
Swanland School Nairobi
Swanland School Nairobi was founded by a local Pastor who wanted to give the children around him the hope that an education can give. Named after Swanland, a village in Yorkshire that support them, this independent school now out performs some of the state schools, has over 400 pupils and is home for at least 100. [View Project]
Two ferry rides away from the Scottish mainland, this island is both idylic and inspiring. [View Project]